Placelink enables the transformation of industries, assets and places

A platform that supports engagement between asset owners, sustainability initiatives, and communities of practice.


Acclimate Partners has developed Placelink® as an industry-leading platform to facilitate climate change mitigation and adaptation through the transformation of industries, assets, and places. Placelink® has been designed by strategy, governance and investment practitioners with experience delivering complex transitions, including natural capital and environmental asset transactions. Placelink® is a unique platform that brings together community leaders and businesses looking to transform and transition real-world assets in the context of a changing climate, with initiative designers and communities of practice with expertise in sustainability. Placelink® enables asset owners to quickly set transition strategies for assets, based on ESG, disclosure and risk frameworks, as well as other existing strategies adopted for a place or community. The platform aligns objectives and enables adaptive management of initiatives against asset transition and transformation targets over time. Placelink® enables initiative designers and communities of practice to see where sustainability initiatives have been deployed and how they are performing in the context of a specific place, enabling feedback and improvement, benefiting asset owners and the broader climate transition globally.

Acclimate Partners are currently piloting Placelink® in Australia and welcome enquiries for participation.

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