Economic transformation and transitions

Enable the economic transformation and transition of industries, assets and places

Supporting clients to develop place-based transformation strategies and implementation plans, coordinating the activities of all parties involved in the transformation of economies and places, and the transition of workforces.


The world is undergoing some of the most rapid changes in human history as we accelerate the path to net zero and strive for industry-scale transformations that are inclusive of people and the planet. We enable the transformation of industries, assets and places, and transitions of workforces, through capabilities tailored to meet the challenges presented by climate change, the global energy transition, and rising social inequality.

We bring a unique approach to place-based transformation that integrates the policies, strategic objectives, and initiatives across all scopes of government, with the activities and priorities of the private sector and community organisations. We consider and incorporate context to create transformation programs that are unique and specific to places.

Working with investors and the private sector, our firm provides support in the development of strategies and initiatives that accelerate transformation and leverage external resources and activities of wider transformation programs taking place. Our technology platform is designed to support private sector participation in transformation program governance, circular economies, and reporting against ESG and other measurement frameworks.

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